People’s Choice Hospital represents a 21st Century world view of how hospitals should be operated, with a unique focus of providing real-time preventative medicine for financially distressed facilities. While some traditional operations models prove successful, there are constantly evolving realities in the healthcare industries that necessitate new approaches. Enter the PCH management team, comprised of clinical, technical, and administrative experts in their fields. Because hospital environments are unique and both communication and documentation proves to be complex, it is imperative to have the right team who knows how to leverage the right tools. Over time, the PCH team has earned their professional standing and are able to recognize opportunities in the face of clear challenges. Their professional efforts directly contribute saving jobs, decreasing mortality rates caused by limited resources, and addressing potentially inaccessible healthcare for underserved urban communities. People’s Choice Hospital has developed comprehensive plans which leverage advanced ONC Certified Electronic Health Record technology for the management of preventative disease and acute medical care.

Not only does PCH revitalize community hospitals, but also the primary care clinics, physician specialists, and home health agencies that both support and relay upon the main medical center. As the federal government’s ARRA/HITECH mandates proceed from the incentive phase into the penalty phase, many distressed hospitals will find themselves in even more dire financial situations. Unfortunately, they are limited by lack of financial resources needed to acquire ONC Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions which could increase productivity, workflow efficiency, and level of service billing. Not only will they miss an unprecedented opportunity to improve their bottom line, but they will soon face decreased reimbursement of Medicare and Medicaid, even when complete, quality care if provided. People’s Choice Hospital understands this time-sensitive situation and is uniquely qualified to assist. By assembling an expert management team and funding technology acquisition and operations improvements, hospitals on the verge of fading into oblivion can be brought back to life.