People’s Choice Hospital has direct access to the funding resources necessary for hospital acquisition, restructuring, and long-term capital investment. Efficient partnerships enable PCH to act quickly when time is truly of the essence for a distressed facility.



Capital Access
$100 Million
Target Acquisition Budget
$20 Million+
Based upon current financial state of the hospital
All funding is underwritten by diversified financial partners
ROI Timeline
Varies based on hospital fiscal status and patient volume


By partnering with leading financial institutions, private banks, and equity funds, People’s Choice Hospital has direct access to fast-tracked funding. This enables PCH to act quickly when hospitals in distress are in need of immediate restructuring. Acquisition budget is based on a specific set of financial parameters, which take into account the following realities of distressed hospitals.


  • Existing Cashflow
  • Operating Budget
  • Status of A/R
  • Pending Legal Action & Collections
  • Patient Volume by Facility and Department
  • Historical Payor Mix
  • Existing Vendor Contracts
  • Historical Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursements
  • Condition of Facility Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment
  • Staff and Outsourced Clinician Group Relationships & Contracts