Who is People's Choice Hospital?

People’s Choice Hospital is a boutique company that specializes in managing the unique environment of a hospital with its complicated communication and documentation systems. PCH is led by practicing physicians and hospital administrators with expertise in financially distressed facilities.

What is your team's experience?

The PCH team is comprised of Practicing Physicians and Nurses, Healthcare IT professionals, and Hospital Administrative Professionals. They have all worked directly with financially distressed hospitals in high-volume urban environments and achieved consistent, measurable success.

Is their one type of facility you look for?

People’s Choice Hospital realizes that every hospital is unique and faces its own set of challenges. If a facility represents an important role in the community and has motivated healthcare professionals on staff, PCH is interested in finding mutually beneficial ways to bring that facility into the 21st Century.

How do you finance your projects?

People’s Choice Hospital works with Excellsys and a network of funding resources in order to structure financial terms that bring complex projects to fruition.

What is the long-term benefit for patients...and the community?

Because hospitals play such a vital role to the health and emotional well-being of their community, People’s Choice Hospital is committed to their revitalization.

What do you mean by 'the right technology'?

Quality healthcare is closely tied to communication. This can be achieved with efficient documentation of care provided, or care required. People’s Choice Hospital utilizes Empower Systems™ comprehensive, user-friendly Electronic Health Record software and Core Hospital Information System solutions. Based on the implementation and meaningful use of this technology, PCH facilities will see measurable results in terms of quality of care, patient satisfaction, governmental compliance, and increased net collections.

How can I learn more about your future plans?

People’s Choice Hospital works closely with medical professionals, community leaders, and the people they serve. This website is a real-time resource for current and future PCH plans and we encourage you to visit us often.

If my group knows of a possible opportunity, how would we present it to PCH?

If you are aware of a distressed hospital that may be of interest to the PCH team, please Click Here to send us an email, or simply call (773) 255-1236.