People’s Choice Hospital™ offers Hospital Consulting Services led by an experienced team of Physicians and HIT Experts. By leveraging unique knowledge of ONC Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) software systems, the PCH consulting team delivers impactful results. The following is an overview of consulting services frequently provided to clients.

Revenue Enhancement

Capture lost revenue and reduce CMS liability

  • Competitive per-chart price model that leads the industry.
  • Free on-site consultation and review of 30-50 charts.
  • Experienced legal counsel on staff to lead the appeals process.
  • PHC physicians review charts to assess Medical Care vs. Medical Compliance.
  • Actionable information is provided to clients to ensure Medical Compliance = Medical Necessity.
  • Client physicians are provided with insight on workflow and clinical documentation.
  • Client administrators are provided with guidance on hospitalization policies and procedures.
  • Benefits of correct documentation and defensible hospitalization translate to higher reimbursement and reduced liability.

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Advanced Training

Identifying EHR Capabilities for Physicians & Medical Staff

  • PCH physicians are experts in EHR documentation. They will train (and re-train) your physicians and medical staff on the fastest and most complete ways to document clinical information and address government compliance issues.
  • PCH physicians will teach your physicians and medical staff how to document with expedience in your hospital EHR for clinical information and quality care.


Custom Development Services

Clinical Workflow and Communication Enhancement via Integrated Clinical/IT Development

  • EHR Databases
  • HIE: Health Information Exchange
  • Patient Portals
  • Government Agency Reporting (Lab Results Data, Immunization Registry, Syndromic Surveillance)
  • Clinical Mobility Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Clinical Decision Support and Best Practices for Medical Order Sets
  • Clinical Decision Support and Best Practices for Hospital Forms
  • Clinical Decision Support and Best Practices for Nursing Care Plans
  • EHR and Hospital Pharmacy Software Integration


Complex Data Mining

How to Leverage the Power of Your EHR Data

  • Quality Care
  • Disease Management
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Physician Quality and Productivity
  • Hospital Staff Quality and Productivity
  • Government Compliance Issues: Joint Commission
  • Government Compliance Issues: Public Aid
  • Government Compliance Issues: CMS


Meaningful Use Compliance Support

Addressing the Attestation Support and Guidance Needs of Hospitals

  • Provide a “Road Map” for Hospitals and/or Ambulatory Offices to successfully complete Meaningful Use Attestation and secure CMS funds.
  • PCH physicians provide detailed project plans for physician and medical staff, including step-by-step processes on how to maximize use of the EHR in order to meet Meaningful Use.


Internal Audit Tools

CMS Audit Preparation after Meaningful Use Attestation

  • PCH consultants evaluate and document the client hospital’s compliance with Meaningful Use.
  • The dossier generated will defend the hospital and/or ambulatory offices in the event of a CMS Audit to protect the hospital’s successful attestation and CMS funds.


PHI: Protected Health Information

Strategies to Support Protection of Electronic Health Information

  • PCH will perform a comprehensive assessment and provide tools as well as documentation that a security assessment has been documented and implemented.


EHR Reimbursement Compliance Strategies

Data Mining and EHR Tools to Achieve and Defend Appropriate Reimbursement

  • Navigating the physician to the appropriate ICD9 or ICD10 Codes.
  • Navigating the physician to the appropriate CPT Procedure Codes.
  • Tools to guide the physicians toward appropriate documentation for Observation and Admission Status.


ACO: Accountable Care Organization

Successful Navigation of Complex Processes

  • Creation and Start-Up
  • Maintenance and Compliance with Federal Regulations


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