• PCH Announces Expansion of Healthcare IT Consulting Services

    Source: People’s Choice Hospital The People’s Choice HospitalTM group recently announced a nationwide expansion of their healthcare information technology (HIT) consulting services. The goal of such an expansion is to provide hospital clients with time-sensitive Meaningful Use and EHR Certification guidance. As reimbursement deadlines (and related penalty phases) count down, many hospitals have implemented an […]

  • The Grim Consequences of Closing Urban Hospitals

    By: Emily Badger Source: The Atlantic Cities In 1995, Philadelphia had 19 hospitals with obstetric units, places where local women – about half of them on Medicaid – could go for prenatal care and, ultimately, to deliver their babies. Then these hospitals started closing, not one or two as occasionally happens in the life of […]

  • The Biggest Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals

    By: Kelsey Brimmer, Associate Editor HEALTHCARE FINANCE NEWS Rural hospital executives discuss past, present and future struggles and opportunities. Over the past few years and as we move into the future, many rural and critical access hospitals throughout the country have continued to struggle when it comes to rising costs of care and decreased reimbursements, […]

  • Hospitals to Lose U.S. Money Over Patient Readmissions

    By Jordan Rau KAISER HEALTH NEWS In the fall, the federal government will begin penalizing more than 2,000 hospitals, including dozens in the Philadelphia area, because too many of their patients are being readmitted within a month of being discharged. Together, these hospitals will forfeit about $280 million in Medicare funds over the next year […]

  • Hospitals for Poor May Struggle Further Under Health Care Reform

    By Randy Dotinga A new study finds that so-called “safety-net” hospitals that serve the poor do a worse job overall than other hospitals, a potentially big problem as health care reform boosts the number of people who have insurance and more choice about where they can go for care. Medicare used to give these hospitals […]