People’s Choice Hospital and Weimar Medical Center Establish a Successful Partnership

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Chicago-based hospital turnaround experts People’s Choice Hospital ( brought its turnaround expertise to Weimar Medical Center ( and has seen exciting results in a short period of time.

Weimar Medical Center (WMC) was on the verge of closure in December 2016 when People’s Choice Hospital (PCH) was alerted to the situation. Within a matter of weeks, PCH assumed management of the facility and infused $1MM+ in capital, technology, and operational expertise. The town of Weimar, TX and the region it serves have been immediately supportive of the turnaround efforts and value what it means to have a fully comprehensive hospital where it is needed most.

WMC has not been immune to the increasingly dire situation of hospital closures throughout the country. The closures are due to a variety of factors including decreased insurance reimbursement, lack of access to physician specialists, and inability to code, bill, and collect efficiently. The tangible impact of the situation is dire for communities as they lose comprehensive healthcare within a viable proximity. The impact of the situation is dire for communities as they lose comprehensive healthcare within a viable proximity.

WMC serves as a successful example of the positive impact of PCH’s unique business model. This gives struggling facilities a glimmer of hope and a perspective on what 21st century strategies can reinvigorate hospitals large and small.

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People's Choice Hospital is a boutique company that specializes in managing the unique environment of a hospital with its complicated communication and documentation systems. PCH is led by practicing physicians and hospital administrators with expertise in financially distressed facilities. People's Choice Hospital understands the daily challenges of operating a high volume, under-funded medical center in a large urban community. Our goal is to restore struggling hospitals to a position of strength in their communities by leveraging superior technology, communications, and business acumen.